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Review: Shadaab Hotel

Hotel Shadaab at Charminar (Image courtesy: Sanjay Borra)

I went to Shadaab again with a big group of friends last weekend. Since I am a member of Hyderabad Foodies Club, we all went there as one of our eating joints during our 'Food walkathon at Charminar'.

The Nawabs of Food at Shadaab Charminar (Image Courtesy: Sanjay Borra)

I would like to mention here that we occupied their 'Nawabi' style seating on the first floor. This has low level beds lined up side by side in a 'U' shape with big 'Chauki' or low level tables placed in the center of each bed. A group of 4 can easily sit and share the meal on 1 table. This arrangement is very comfortable and I personally loved it. It is a decently clean place however, you cannot expect exceptional neatness at restaurants in Charminar. 

Shadaab was the third stop for us and by the time we landed there we didn't had much space left to push in more food. However, since the host wanted us all to taste their signature and famous dishes, we all got our share of Keema Khichdi, Bheja Fry, Nikaari Chicken and Lassi.

If you are a non - vegetarian, this is your place!! We were first served Keema Khichdi. While Khichdi was a usual mix of rice and mung dal, keema was decent though not great. My mother in law makes far tastier and better keema so I would not rate Shadaab's keema on it's taste. 

Keema Khichdi (Image Courtesy: Sanjay Borra)

Enjoying my meal at Shadaab (Image Courtesy: Sanjay Borra)

The moment I got the Bheja Fry, I was blown away by the looks of it. Though it was dripping in oil, it looked divine. One dig into the dish and I was right up there in the heaven. The gravy was a rich mix of onions, ginger garlic, whole and powdered spices, kasuri methi, herbs like coriander and soft and well cooked 'Brain' pieces. I would not shy away confessing that this was the best 'Bheja Fry' I have ever had. And I would wait to go there again for this. 

Next on the menu was 'Nihari Chicken', their signature and famous dish. It has a big fried piece of chicken dipped in paaya curry. I was expecting more out of this dish, but it turned out to be less spicy and low on flavors. Since I do not know much about this dish, I would be the wrong person to recommend/ not recommend this one. However, it did not suit my taste buds. Chicken piece was juicy and nice though. Nihari Chicken was served with a Square bread differently baked. 

Nihari Chicken (Image Courtesy: Sanjay Borra)

Bread served with Nihari Chicken (Image Courtesy: Sanjay Borra)

Then came the lassi in the end which was sweet, tangy, chilled and tasted good. My experience at Shadaab was good and I will go back to them for their 'Bheja Fry'. For our meal of around 20-25 people, we paid Rs. 2000 in total. Cheap isn't it ha!!

Service: 3/5 
Ambiance: 3/5
Value for money: Absolutely yes

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