Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: Flury's

Image Courtesy: Fury's Official Website  

I have been to Flury's thrice now and despite of the fact that it is one of the many food kiosks in Gvk One food court, it still stands apart for me. 

Flury's is a legendary tearoom started way back in 1927 by Mr. and Mrs. Flurys in Kolkata for the then elite British and affluent Indian visitors. It has since then served many generations in Kolkata and other cities.

Flury's entered in Hyderabad with their first outlet in GVK One mall in March 2013 and they have been serving a sumptuous variety of sweets and savories along with tea and coffee.

As of now I have tasted few of their stuff which includes Blue Berry Cheese Cake, Black Forest Pastry, Honey Nut Tart, Chocolate Cube, Chicken Puff and Spinach & Corn Quiche.

Blue Berry Cheese cake is my all- time favorite and Flury's blew me off completely with this one. Perfect sweetness, beautiful soft texture, addictive flavor, and just that slight tangy tinge of blue berry's leaves you with eternal yummmmmmmmmmm - iness :)

Black forest pastry was a usual good pastry, nothing different about it. Honey Nut tart was a let down though. The tart was hard and honey, nuts and almonds didn't taste too good. I find Vac's honey nut tart far better than Flury's.

Chocolate Cube is another very tasty, and interesting pastry. I particularly loved the balance of chocolate and sweetness. The pastry has layers of chocolate and chocolate bread topped with a thick chocolate slice. While it seems like too much of chocolate, you will be surprised with the right balance of the flavors and tastes. I would recommend this one if you like chocolate flavor.

Chicken Puff looks like an interesting bundle of flavors. The outside is softly crispy while the filling is sinfully pure chicken keema drenched in spicy flavors. One puff is quite filling to satisfy your taste buds. Spinach Corn Quiche is again another good option for those who like spinach and corn. The creaminess, cheesiness, and fluffiness of the quiche is addictive. I would specially like to mention that the pastry base of the quiche is absolutely fluffy and good that makes the quiche take away the brownie points.

So far my experience at Flury's has been great and I look forward to going there every time I visit GVK One Mall. I am waiting to taste their signature Strawberry Fraisier though. They always run out of it. Would request them to have some extra in stock.

I would also like to congratulate the main guy at the counter for his politeness and warm behavior that brings a smile to my face every time I walk-up to the Flury's counter.

Most of the items are reasonably priced between Rs. 40- Rs.70.

Ambiance: Would not rate this as it is in a food court of a mall
Service: 3/5
Value for money: Yes!!

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