Monday, March 4, 2013


Came back tired from work today. Was hungry but wasn't in the mood to stand for too long in the kitchen so thought of trying my hands on Tehri. It was all a guess work though I believe, some experience in kitchen leaves you with lean chances of going wrong too often (wink wink). 

This is a simple recipe and can be prepared in just 20- 30 mins in a pressure cooker.


Rice (1 small cup)

Yellow moong dal (half small cup) 
Water (3 small cups) 
Chili Flakes 
Dry Whole Red Chili - 2 
Big Onion julienne - 1
Tomato thick slices - 1
Two Green Chilies whole - 2
Potatoes cut into small pieces - 2 medium size 
Turmeric powder
Red Chili Powder 
Kasuri Methi - crushed 
Whole Bay Leaf - 1
Black Cardamom - 1
Green Cardamoms - 2
Amchoor - a pinch 
Cinnamon sticks - 2 medium size
Cumin seeds 


  • Heat some oil in the pressure cooker. 
  • Add cumin seeds,  whole dry red chilly, cardamons, cinnamon sticks, bay leaf and let them cook. 
  • Once all the whole spices swell up, add onions and fry them until translucent (don't let the colour change), add potatoes and fry for 2 mins followed by peas, tomatoes and green chilies.
  • Now add rice, dal and water to the pressure cooker and let it boil.
  • Add turmeric powder, red chili powder, salt, amchoor, red chili flakes and  kasuri methi to this. Close the lid and allow the ingredients to cook on a low flame. 
  • After two whistles on the low flame, turn the flame to high for one more whistle and then put the flame off. 
  • This quantity serves 3 people.
It sounds spicy however, the spices are just enough to give the right flavor and aroma. It goes very well with curd. We loved it hope you will like it too.

Happy Eating:) 


  1. Very different kind of pulao and wholesome as well. Love the addition of the moong dal. Makes it rich in protein as well.

  2. Dear Miss Odyssey Of Flavours , nice recipe .