Friday, July 20, 2012

Dhaniya Chutney


Sharing my late grandfather's favourite Dhaniya Chutney recipe. This chutney is for those who enjoy garlic and chilies  -


One bundle of fresh Dhaniya leaves (properly washed)
5-6 Green chilies (based on spice level you want)
8-10 Peeled thick garlic cloves. Take 15-18 cloves of garlic if it is thin and small
Salt and amchoor powder for seasoning


In a mixture take the coriander leaves, chilies, cloves of peeled garlic, salt to taste and amchoor powder
Add very little water (only to bind the mixture well)
Mix it well till it becomes into a fine mixture
This chutney goes best with Garam Garam ghee ke parathe

Hope you enjoy it too

Happy Eating :)

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