Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crispy French Fries - Deliciously addictive


Here I come again!!

Bringing to you one of the most loved recipes across the world; the king of all foods  - 'French Fries'.

Before I jump to the recipe, unlike my usual, let me share the secret of the origin of its name. The name French Fries basically symbolizes deep fried potatoes. 

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Oil for deep frying

Julienne cut potatoes (4 potatoes to serve 2 people)


Salt for seasoning


For 2 people julienne cut 4 big potatoes
Boil the water in a pot. Once it comes to boil, put the flame off, add julienne potatoes into it and cover the lid. Leave it for 5 minutes
Drain the water and pat dry the potatoes
Heat the oil. Once hot enough, half fry julienne potatoes and take them out
Put them in water again and take out immediately
Pat dry and deep fry the fries again till golden yellow

Season the fries with salt to taste

You can serve them hot with chutny, tomato sauce, mustard sauce, herb dips, cheese dips, etc.

Happy Eating :)  


  1. I don't have to run to McDonald's to buy fries...These are easy to make! Thanks

    1. You are most welcome dear. I am big french fries fan and discovered this easy recipe so that i can save my trips to Mc'Ds too :)

      Let me know how did it come out for you