Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chilli Garlic Chicken Wings

Tried this basic chicken wings recipe last night. Turned out pritty well so thought of sharing it here. So here it goes -


I have taken 6 Chicken wings - pricked

1 egg  (good enough for 6 chic pieces) - slightly beaten

1/2 cup corn starch/corn flour

2 tbsp garlic & chilli paste


Soya sauce

Vinegar &

Oil - for deep frying

Honey & lemon drops (if you like the taste)

Seaseme seeds/ coriander leaves/ green chilli chopped for seasoning

Cooking time: 30 - 45 miutes


Prepare a mixture of beaten egg, corn flour, gharlic chill paste, salt to taste, 1 tbsp soya sauce, 1 tbspn vinegar (add some water to this paste only if it is too thick)
Quote the chicken wings with this paste and deep fry in hot oil
You can add a dash of honey and few drops of lime to the wings if you like it that way
Season the wings with seaseme seeds/ coriander/ green chilli
You can serve this with a ready made dip. These days variety of dips are available in the supermarkets
Hope you enjoy the recipee

Happy eating :)

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