Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review - Bhojohori Manna

If you have been through my blog earlier, you would know by now that I am an out an out Bengali cuisine fan. And since it is time for me to review my favorite Bengali restaurant in Bangalore, it has to be special. During the 5 years of my stay in Bangalore, Bhojohori came very close to my heart as I had some great memories and moments with my friends and loved ones enjoying and yum yumming the food served here. 

I would specially like to mention my best friend Malvika Sinha here as it was 'her' company that made the memories special and food even more yummlicious for me. We were frequent weekenders at Bhojohori :D and sometimes even visited during the weekdays. 

It is a simply done restaurant but I love the 'bong' touch in every bit of thing they do. Right from the furniture, to the wall paintings to the music ..aaahhhh sheer nostalgia!!

Coming to food, I must admit here that my menu for all my visits remained the same and I can repeat it even further going 100 years forward. So my all time menu was something like this:


Pomphret Fry 
Fish Fry 

Fish chops

Main Course:

Mutton Dakbangala
Katla Kalia

Mutton Dakbangala and Luchi
Ilish Shorshe 


Ice -cream

The starters are simple yet tasty. The fish fry is kind of interesting with the way they fry it in spiced rice flour. The starters and the main course is usually accompanied with a shorshe (mustard seeds) chutney - mustard seeds ground into paste and cooked in mustard oil. 

Moving on to the main course, Mutton Dakbangala is an interesting name like the dish itself. Most commonly it is called Kosha Mangsho which has a very rich and thick gravy with many many spices and flavors. This is probably the best mutton dish I have had so far. In fish, we always ordered Ilish Shorshe. Ilish enjoys the position of being the most tasty and costly fish in a Bengali kitchen. This fish preparation is by far the best too. Next dish is Katla Kalia, another mouth watering dark brown gravy with Katla fish. Mutton Dakbangala  is best accompanied with Luchi (puri made in maida) and both the fish preparations go best with rice. 

Our yumyumming marathon always came to an end with the most delicious ice - cream in the world. This is a very special ice - cream that they get from Kolkata. It is a kind of think rabri frozen in tiny clay pots and quoted with melted cold jaggery syrup. The taste of this ice - cream is way beyond any description. Due to jaggery, it has just the rigth amount of sweetness and the rabri has a very smooth texture which looks frozen but it melts down your mouth and senses. 

My advise, pre-book your ice - creams at the time of placing an order because they usually run out of it.

The menu has good number of options and all the dishes are reasonably priced. For this entire menu for 2-3 people, we paid something around Rs. 800 - Rs. 1000 max. 

Rest all is a memory and only one thing remains - 'Aami Tomake Bhalobashi Bhojohori Manna'!!

Happy Eating :)


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