Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Ruci & Idoni

After a long wait, I landed at Ruci & Idoni with my family and friends with great expectations. The ambiance looked promising even on a hot sunny afternoon. Ad mist some great friends and a family that enjoys food, we started on a good note. Since me and my family was a part of a bigger group, we had a pre-decided fixed menu with the restaurant and started with fresh lemonade to quench our thrust. Lemonade was not a great deal and we quickly moved on to the soup and starters. 

Both veg and non-veg soups had a spinach base with the difference of veggies and chicken chunks. For starters we had Spinach Ricotta Croquettes that was delectable and Chicken Bruchette which was a total turn off while the soup was light and good. 

We anticipated a great meal but we were in for a shock. While we were still savoring the soup and starters, they served our entire main course within seconds which included pastas and pizzas and within no time our table was full while we had just started. 

This had put me off completely and I had to ask them to take the entire order back as it would get cold (wonder the restaurant team do not have the capacity to think something as basic as that). So I gathered myself back from one horror only to get into another.

The next dish after the soup were Margarita and Smoked Chicken Pizzas. While Margarita was another usual thin crust pizza, Smoked Chicken Pizza left me confused. I wondered if this restaurant takes its customers to be less informed about food and thus can take them for a ride. Smoked chicken pizza looked famished with almost no chicken and 1 slice of sun dried tomato as dressing. One bite into it and I was about to throw up as there were more than 15-20 whole green pepper corns as filling. 

After pushing the pizza aside we moved to Spaghetti Alfredo and Fettuccini with Grilled Chicken. Having served with the dishes so far, I had noticed that the Chef needs to have an eye for what he is serving on the plates. Every dish that came out of the kitchen looked unattended and unappetizing and pastas were no exception. What was in front of us was a cold pasta settled in a bored sauce. Spaghetti Alfredo was a creamy base pasta which lacked flavor. Only taste was the cold creaminess and Grilled Chicken was again a turn off and tasted like pasta tossed in bad tomato sauce with some efforts put in by oregano and basil. 

After pushing the entire main course aside, I finally looked forward to having a good Mango Cheese Cake at least. I am a  great fan of Cheese Cakes and disaster to the recipe is a personal offence. What came in front of my eyes was a disaster shabbily served on a plate with some brown sugar sprinkled as a favor. By the looks of it I was sure of the unpleasant taste, but I went ahead to take the chance and I was right. The dish did not taste like a dessert at all. It lacked the texture, look and taste of a Cheese Cake. 

I would also like to mention the poor service that I witnessed at the restaurant with waiters  rushing across tables, serving wrong orders, flooding plates on the tables etc. 

I had a very bad experience at Ruci & Idoni. Neither I am going back to them ever again nor would I suggest this place to any of my friends.     


Food - 1/5
Ambiance - 3/5
Service - 1/5
Value for money - are you kidding me!!!!


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