Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review - Beyond Coffee!!

It's been 8 months since I have shifted my base from Bangalore to Hyderabad. It is still a new city for me and I am still exploring it, but with a twist! I believe, best way to understand a city's culture and its people is to understand its food, flavors and the way they serve it. So, in my expedition, I added yet another food destination to my visited places - 'Beyong Coffee' at Jublee Hills Rd. No. 10. It is supposedly Hyderabad's first boutique coffee house - cum art gallery.  

I particularly liked the ambiance of the cafe as it makes you feel comfortable and cozy the moment you step in. A small yet adequately spaced out lawn, with cane tables and chairs and some fancy seating greets you at the entrance. As you look around, you will have a smile on your face finding yourself confused with seating options as you see a lawn, a huge comfortable indoor (with ac) space and a terrace seating (this is specifically for Hooka lovers). 

So we opted for the lawn area and placed our orders. I ordered a Mocktail called Chagall's Dream which is a fresh, minty, lemony mojito with crushed ice and soda. Just one sip and you feel refreshed. 

Since we were too hungry we ordered main course directly. My friends are pasta freaks and hence, no prizes for guessing that they ordered pastas. So one of them ordered Masaccio which is Gnocchi (a kind of pasta shape) in basil pesto and sun dried tomatoes. The dish looked totally green in color due to peso and less appetizing but to our surprise, it tasted heavenly with its smooth texture and melted into the mouth. Another pasta was a non - vegetarian selection called - Bernini. It is a Fusilli pasta cooked with julienne chicken in creamy Alfredo sauce. Again another delight for our taste buds. 

Since I am not a pasta freak, I ordered Chicken, Lamb and Pork chops with boiled veggies and mashed potatoes. My dish looked appetizing; however, it didn't taste that great! Chicken and Lamb chops saved the day for me cuz pork was alarmingly disastrous. Totally under cooked and dry, it just pulled the tempo down. 

All in all this meal was again light on the pockets but didn't go down too well due to the pork disappointment. Keeping this one disappointment aside, it is a good place to spend your evenings with friends and chat around. 

Happy Eating :)

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