Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review - Benjarong Ulsoor Road Bangalore

Thai cuisine has been one of my favorite international cuisine and I have had a wonderful opportunity of enjoying the great flavors of Thailand in Bangalore at 'Benjarong' located at Ulsoor Road Bangalore. 

What played in my favor was the 5 minute distance of this restaurant from my office. As obvious, this was the most visited restaurant during my lunch hours all the more because they served a 3-course set menu at Rs. 700/- per person which is reasonable once or twice a month.  

The restaurant has a great ambiance and the moment you enter, you would see a beautiful smiling lady stylishly sitting on a sofa right in front of the entrance, doing some interesting carving on watermelon, carrots, etc..

As you proceed, take up a comfortable corner and settle down, you are served a very interesting complementary dish called 'Miang Kham'. 

Miang Kham

Miang Kham means variety of things in a single bite. This dish comprises of a number of condiments like shallots, roasted sliced coconut, chopped bird's eye chili, chunks of ginger, roasted peanuts, Imli chutney, and chunks of lime along with lettuce leaves. All the condiments are to be placed on one lettuce leaf in appropriate quantity and is to be rolled up like a pan. One word of caution is about the bird's eye chillies and you might want to add just one to your bite. As you proceed making more for yourself, you will find that perfect quantity of everything to suit your taste. I can bet you won't go back without ordering another plate too :)

To save time and money and eat variety, we always ordered the set menu which comprised of the following:

Fresh ginger and lime ale - extremely fresh and cold. I always order 2-3 glasses of this 

Hed Yang- This is a delicious marinated and grilled mushroom skewer starter which is served with raw papaya salad mixed with peanuts. I personally love the chunks and taste of peanuts in Thai food. 

Tom Yum Phak - this a typical clear Thai soup with a mix of Thai food basics i.e. Galangal, lemon grass and bird's eye chillies. The soup has a distinctive lemony flavor with a sour tanginess of galangal and bird's eye chillies. 

Main Course - 
Kaeng Ped Phak - This is a mild spicy Thai red curry with vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, baby corn etc. The curry too has a tinge of lemony aroma due to lemon grass but is not too spicy and has a creamy texture. 

Khao Phad Phak - This is my favorite fried rice - Thai fried rice with vegetables tossed in garlic and tomato sauce. 

Date Pan Cake with Vanilla Ice - cream - This is probably by far one of the best desserts I have had so far. A triangular date pancake stylishly topped with a scoop of ice cream is way too tasty and delicious and is beyond any admiration and recommendation. 

If you miss out on this, you have missed out on a great deal of heavenly-ness :) :)

Coming to Hyderabad, Benjarong is one place I have been craving for. Wish I could have more of it!!


Service: 4/5
Value for Money: Yes


  1. Hi Tarusha,
    Thank you for your blog post and for visiting us at Benjarong! We're so glad to know you enjoyed the food and would love to serve you again. Everybody loves the mein khum and you are right when you say it's hard to stop at one! :)

    Please do visit us whenever you are in Chennai, Bangalore or Kolkata.

    Warm regards,
    Swapnil Midha
    Asst Manager - Marketing Communication
    Benjarong, Oriental Cuisines

  2. Surely Swapnil .. You guys are doing a great job.... I shall surely visit you when I am in Bangalore!!