Monday, December 1, 2014

Andhra Chicken Fry

 I am a die - heart non-veg fan and I have always enjoyed Andhra chicken fry. This preparation is dry, spicy and has lot of masala to it. It goes best with rice and will also be good with plain parathas. 


  1. Chicken - 1.5kgs
  2. 5 large onions - julienne strips
  3. Hand full of curry leaves 
  4. Fresh coriander leaves - a bunch 
  5. Ginger garlic paste- 4 table spoons 
  6. Salt 
  7. Red chilli powder (usually cthis is put in more quantity for andhra recipes)
  8. Garam masala powder
  9. Turmeric powder
  10. Eastern chicken masala 
  11. Tomato ketchup
  12. Curd - 1 cup 
  13. Cooking oil & Ghee (clarified butter) 

    Dry Spices 
    1. Black cardamom - 3
    2. Green cardamom - 7-8
    3. Bay Leafs - 2 full leaves 
    4. Star anise - 2 
    5. Cinnamon - 2 big sticks 


    • For marination, take the chicken in a big bowl. To it add 1.5 tablespoon salt, red chilli powder, 1/2 table spoon turmeric powder, 2 table spoons ginger garlic paste, 1 table spoon Eastern chicken masala and curd. Mix the ingredients well and keep it aside for at least 2 hours for best results. 
    • After the chicken has rested for 2-3 hours, heat oil in a big pan and add few spoons of ghee to it. You would need more oil for this preparation for best results. 
    • Once the oil and ghee mix is hot enough, add dry spices to it and let them swell. Once done, add onions, curry leaves and 2 table spoons ginger garlic paste to it and let the onions cook till they they turn light brown in colour. Cook this on medium high flame. 
    • Now add marinated chicken to this and cover it with a lid and let it cook on high flame till the chicken is little tender.
    • When the chicken becomes slightly tender, add required spices - salt, red chilli, chicken powder, garam masala and tomato ketchup and let it cook with the lid on at medium high flame. 
    • After all the water has evaporated, add coriander leaves and remove the lid and cook the chicken and keep stirring it. The more you cook it till it turns dark brown (as in the image) in colour, the better the taste.      
    Your yummy andhra chicken fry is ready to serve. 

    Happy Eating :)

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