Monday, April 22, 2013

Review- Paradise Biryani Masab Tank

Paradise at Masab Tank has always been a delectable savior for my biryani cravings. This is one place where I can enjoy a vegetarian biryani as much as I relish the non - vegetarian version. One normal home delivery pack is good enough to serve 3 and comes with Raita, salad and a salan which is a yellow curry. 

Biryani from Paradise has always been fresh and I have had no complaints as far as the taste is concerned. With the number of customers pouring in throughout the day, they are surely never gonna save on any left overs by end of the day so that removes my doubt of being served stale food. 

The Biryani is a delight for those who have an old affair with this delicacy. Basmati rice cooked on low fame with aromatic spices topped with vegetables / chicken/ mutton gravy is a treat to your senses. One portion of chicken biryani comes for Rs. 140 + taxes. 

If you are travelling between cities, you may like to carry the biryani for your loved ones, they have a special packaging for those travelling by flight. The food stays safe and Hyderabadi flavors can be enjoyed even 1000 miles away from the city of Nawabs. 

Value for Money: yes

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