Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review - 100 FT @100 FT Indiranagar Bangalore

One of my all time favorite restaurant in Bangalore is 100FT at Indiranagar 100 FT. Two most important things that keep me coming back to this restaurant are its ambiance and the restaurant manager Mr. Om Prakash. 

Of-course food taste and quality holds equal significance while deciding on a place, and this one wins away the brownie points. I would specially like to mention and recommend having 'Paella' here. Paella is a Spanish delicacy and Spain's national dish. I have always had their Non-veg Paella but even the vegetarian version is good. 

Paella is a dish made of rice, aromatic herbs and mix of chicken, prawns, lamb and fish cooked on a low flame over hours before it titillates your taste buds. The dish by its looks seems Asian however, tastes absolutely different and delicious. 

You might also like to try Crostini and Bruschetta platter as starters. Both have always been extremely crunchy and fresh. I have personally liked to have fresh lime and ginger ale with this food. 

The above mentioned dishes have been my constant order at 100 FT; however, I have heard equally good reviews about the other vegetarian and non - vegetarian preparations of Pizzas and Pastas. 

If you like to enjoy a nice evening with your loved ones and friends in a good ambiance, great music and cold breeze, I would recommend taking a table on the roof top towards the road. I have had some great memories of evenings spent chit chatting and gorging on food at 100 FT.

Hope you will make some too!!

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Value for Money: Hell YA!!

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