Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Quiznos

Went to Quiznos last evening with my friends as part of Foodies Meet Hyderabad. After a long heavy brunch and no lunch day, I landed at this eatry hungry. I would not review or rate this place for service, as they run on self - service format.

The menu has good enough options that includes salads, soups, savories, pizzas, subs, beverages and desserts. 

Again since I was a part of a bigger group and we had a list of fixed options to choose from so I went with BBQ Chicken Pizza, their famous Chipotel Chicken Sub, Kababs and a Soft Drink. 

My 2 cents here: If you have ordered for a Pizza or a Sub, make sure you stand at the counter and ask for your favorite sauces and check the quantity they use. You can also make a choice of bread. Just this 2 minute of effort can make a big different to your pizza and sub. I actually observed this difference as many of my fellow foodies placed their respective orders and waited for their food to come. Most of them were disappointed with pizzas and some with subs. However, I savored my sub and the pizza both. 

The BBQ chicken pizza was nice and cheezy from the top and crunchy from the base as it was thin crust. I particularly liked the simplicity of presentation and taste of the pizza. Not spicy, not bland, just a perfect mix of tomato sauce, cheeze, BBQ chicken chunks, onions and capsicum. 

I loved my Chipotel Chicken Sub and would recommend this if you are a non-vegetarian. This one is their famous sub. For those who don't know about Chipotel, it is originated from the word 'Chilpotel' meaning Smoked Chilli Pepper which is usually Smoked Dried Jalapeno. To get a perfect sub of my liking, I ensured standing at the counter and choose my favorite combination of sauces and veggies. I opted for all the sauces, excluding tandoori sauce with some extra quantity of Chipotel, South West and Alfredo sauce. Finally what came on my table was a delicious sub that was perfectly toasted and crunchy on the top and 'yummiliciously' saucy, spicy and 'chicken-y' from inside. I loved it and will visit them more for this one. 

Kebabs were nothing unusual. Rather I found them to be usual seekh kababs that were dry from inside. However, they were served on a salad dressing of capsicum and onion with a tinge of mint sauce. Would not recommend this one. 

The menu also has options of value meals and combos. Over-all pricing is reasonable and it offers you decent place to grab a quick bite. For me Quiznos is a different category of subs and I would not compare it with Subway. Both have their good's and bad's and I for a reason have come to like both. 

Thumb's Up for Quiznos. I shall be attacking them soon for my chipotel sub :P

Ambiance: 3/5
Service: I would not rate this place for service as they run on self - service format. 
Food: 3/5
Value for Money: Yes

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